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Here are just a few of the many things people are saying about

DPI's Missionary Prayer Cards....

(Note: the following are spontaneous expressions of praise clipped straight from emails we have received.

None of the following quotes come from solicited feedback or evaluation forms.)

"This rules!!! My colleagues are all jealous of me! I love the blurred image
on the bottom, and the font is perfect! Thank you so much!... Thanks again for a great service! I will recommend you guys to other people in MSI."

~David - (Morning Star International)

"I am very impressed with the quality that you have to offer. We have had many prayer cards in the past when we served as missionaries (15 years), but yours I believe are some of the best that we have seen. I like patronizing a fellow missionary anyway!"

~Dennis - (BIMI)

"Wow! The bookmarks look great! Thank you! We were out ouf town yesterday when they were delivered, so I didn't get to see them until this morning when I got them from my neighbor. I can't wait to hand them out!"

~Don - (Gateway Christian Developement Initiative)

"We received our photo cards today in the mail. They are WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for doing a fantastic job! We really appreciate all your effort!
Thank YOU"

~Heather - (Campus Crusade for Christ)

"I wanted to thank you for all of your help with our bookmarks! We are so happy with how they turned out, and can't wait to spread them (and the Gospel) all throughout our community. You and your team did a wonderful job, and we look forward to doing more business with you in the future! I hope you don't mind me recommending your company to other churches and missionaries.
Thank you again, and God bless!"

~Ryan (Pastor making cards for his church)

"The cards look wonderful! ...You did great work! We are very pleased with the cards. The quality of paper and print was much better than I had hoped for, and with the short notice and lack of design from this end, you certainly turned out an excellent product for us! (I'll try to NOT design my own next time, too!)... You can be sure you'll have our business in the future! ...We got lots of compliments on the cards, so I did some advertising for you!"

~Christi - (Comission to Every Nation)

"[the prayer cards] look beautiful! ...Thanks! You have been wonderful to work with, and as I wherever I land I will eventually be working with recruitment of MK teachers going out with a variety of missions, you can believe I will definitely be passing your name on to many who will be needing your services!!"

~Tod - (Christ to the Nations)

We just received our new prayer cards and they look 10x better than what I was expecting. They are awesome. ... Thanks again for the great work. We are more than pleased.

~Jason - (Fellowship International Mission)

"- thank you for all your help - the pictures just arrived today - they
look EXCELLENT. You guys have done a great job. Thank you for you help on
the design and the quick turn-around on getting the prayer cards back to us."

~Fred - (IMB)

"Our cards arrived yesterday and they look great! ... Thanks so much for doing a great job with our cards!"

~Melissa - (The Navigators)

"Got the magnets on Tuesday. They look great. We are in the throes of mailing them (but we need to update our mailing list first), so we are busy. Thank you again for your ministry and professionalism"

~Ben - (Campus Crusade)

"We want to say thank you for the awesome job that you did on our cards. They arrived just as we left to go to FL so were able to take some to give to friends down there. We will let our friends know about you if they are inquiring about prayer cards. Lord’s blessing to you."

~Tanya - (New Tribes Mission)

"Thanks so much for the pic business cards and magnets that you did for us--They got to us on time so we were able to use them at a church visit we did before we headed back overseas. they look great. Thanks for all your work."

~Mel and Dave- (Campus Crusade)

"We received our prayer post cards and our bookmarks today. They look great. The bookmarks are just awesome. They are exactly what I had envisioned (but better) and just didn't know how to create. Thanks for your work!! May God bless your ministry."

~Shelly - (IMB)

"Got the cards. They are great! We have been recommending you to all
we meet! Thanks so much! God bless!"

~Nathan - (IMB)

"I received both the photo cards and the magnets in the mail today! Thanks
again for the great work and super fast shipping time, I love the cards!!"

~Jessica - (International Teams)

" is it that you do SUCH a good job! It is exactly perfect. Judy loves it to. Now do you have any money back guarantees that people will pray?! "

~Dave - (C&MA)

"...Just wanted to say THANKS! We received our prayer cards today and love them~

~ Cheri (C&MA)

"We just received our cards yesterday. They look great! And they were done in such a timely manner! "

~Michael - (Pioneers)

"Thank you for your quick work and helpfulness. We got the cards today and they are wonderful!!! They are perfect and arrived a week before we needed them. "

~J. - (Frontiers)

"We got the cards and they really look great!! Thanks for working with us and we will give our recommendation to anyone who asks about were we got them done. was my pleasure to work with you."

~Von - (Pioneers)

"Perfect. Thanks soo much. I'll be sure to recommend your services. You have been great to work with! "

~Eric - (C&MA)

"I got the cards and they looked great! I was very pleased with them. "

~Mistie - (The Navigators)

"I am very impressed with your speed and quality of work. You guys do a great job and I will recommend you to my other missionary friends. Thank you very much."

~Carylla - (Christ for the City)

"I received the prayer cards on Wed. and they look great. Thanks so much for all of your help last week! "

~Richard - (GEM)

"Thank you for an awesome job on our prayer card bookmarks! They looked
wonderful and should be very helpful in getting people to remember to pray
for us.Thanks for the great & timely service"

~Arnie - (C&MA)

"I received the prayer cards today! Thanks again for a great job. And I just tried the ecard feature, too. That's a really nice feature. God bless."

~Debbie - (IMB)

"We are very happy with the results of our cards. We did receive our receipt and original, thank you. Every person who sees our card is very impressed, and we like it because of it's originality. ...we hope to continue doing business with you. Thanks for the follow-up, it means a lot."

~Midge - (Assemblies of God World Missions)

"They look great and we are going to order more soon."

~Richard - (IMB)

"You did a fantastic job with our prayer cards. I would love to recommend you."

~Steve - (IMB)

"Thanks for your promptness and the speed with you processed my order... It's great, I love it. Good job on the design. Front and back both look fine. I am excited to start giving them out!"

~Daniel - (United World Mission)

"Thanks so much! You have done a great job and we are very happy! "

~Nathan - (IMB)

"I loved the cards that you did for me."

~Sarah - (NICS)

"I did receive my cards on Monday and they look great!!... Thanks for everything!"

~Tami - (IMB)

"We still love our cards, and everyone that has seen them has asked where they came from, and we've been directing them to your website."

~Brian - (AIM)

"Thanks for your help with our prayer cards. We are very pleased with how
they turned out."

~Mark - (Wycliffe)