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For Your Ministry or Church


Inspiring communication is an essential part of any ministry program. And yet for many ministries it is not worth the expense to have a graphic designer on staff, and most cannot and should not have to pay the prices of most commercial printers.


This is why DPI is happy to announce the

Ministry Design Program for any ministry needing

professional design without a full time graphic design department. DPI can become a virtual design and printing department for any ministry or church who wants stunning, custom-made communication tools. Our designers work individually with each ministry to design brochures, post cards, booklets, banners, or even logos or web graphics, that communicate exactly what needs to be said.


We will do individual projects for any ministry. But we also encourage Ministry Partnerships which receive additional discounts and benefits. We want to serve you through personal attention, low prices, and full service printing that takes the hassle out of creating and printing communication materials.


See what DPI can do for you and your ministry!